Healthcare and Cloud Computing

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The “cloud” (in computing) is not a new concept. If you use web-based e-mail, then you probably are tapping into the “cloud,” because the remotely hosted application and information are pushed to you “on demand” based upon your needs.


Healthcare providers are also turning to the cloud to remotely host their applications and data. Their reasons for doing this are generally to save money and/or to help ensure data is secure and available.


You might ask: why outsource applications and data when I can maintain these things in-house with my own IT staff? Keeping up IT infrastructure is expensive, and making sure technology is secure can be a daunting task.


On the other hand, cloud computing providers maintain world-class computing resources with robust network connectivity and security.


They generally have highly secure data center facilities to help ensure the security, availability and integrity of the applications and data that they host for customers.


Healthcare providers can take advantage of the cloud computing provider’s resources at relatively little cost.


However, not all cloud computing providers are the same. Here are five factors to consider.


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