Cloud-based Technologies & Services Can Resurrect Healthcare IT

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Mention the phrase “IT” within the executive suite of a healthcare operation and you’re guaranteed to get a host of reactions—the majority of which are not real positive. Let’s face it, healthcare and computers have cohabitated in a fitful love/hate relationship for nearly 40 years.


While nearly everyone understands that technology can improve both the quality and efficiency of care giving, actually recognizing those outcomes has been elusive. The market has been subject to a continuous stream of over-promised and underperforming systems that have damaged the reputational value of technology in general.


With that said, I believe that the wave of Cloud-based technologies and services—specifically Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings—sweeping into the market has the opportunity to change the negative brand that IT has been saddled with.


Simplified Implementation Approach

As in any enterprise-wide initiative, the implementation process must follow a well managed, incremental approach. No matter what application is being purchased, clients need to define strategic objectives, assess their current operations, define required operational/process changes, and develop an implementation plan that allows for the new application to be adequately configured, tested, and deployed.


SaaS applications simplify this by making the application available for use immediately—supporting front-end analysis work, iterative configuration steps, and then staging license purchases in accordance with their overall implementation plan(s).


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