Hacking Health: DIY Medical Technology

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“If you look around you, you’ll notice there are a lot of solutions just waiting to be hacked and applied. So, whether it’s medical compliance for your grandmother or an infectious disease surveillance app that you can cook up in an android phone, it’s just as easy as you can make whack-a-mole on (MIT) App Inventor,” Jose told a group of creators at the World Maker Faire. (Watch Jose’s presentation here.)




Jose and his team have been attracting a lot of attention for their MEDIKits, likened to “medical Erector sets.” Designed to empower doctors and nurses in third world countries, MEDIKits contain dozens of parts that can be turned into hundreds of devices. The kits contain parts that are color-coded in a “Language of Design” so that people in any country can logically and easily identify the function of the components.


Pictured is the Medical MacGyver MEDIKit which sells for around $50.


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