TIME’s Mobile Tech Issue: Tracking Disease One Text at a Time

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Accurate bookkeeping is on nobody’s list of heroic acts. But without it, some revolutions are impossible, including the overhaul of a nation’s health care infrastructure. And Uganda’s health care system needs quite an overhaul. There aren’t enough doctors, just 131 hospitals serve nearly 36 million people, and children are dying of treatable diseases, especially malaria, which accounts for up to 40% of medical visits and almost a quarter of deaths among kids under 5.


The Ugandan Ministry of Health and various NGOs have tried to address the issue with smaller clinics and volunteer village health team workers, some of whom dispense drugs. Malaria can be held at bay with artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs). But too often, Ugandans who turn up at local clinics cannot get them. There isn’t a shortage of medicine, but supply lines to the clinics have gotten snarled or the drugs have been diverted to private clinics. Without accounting, it’s impossible to untangle the knot.


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