Mobiles For Quality Improvement Pilot In Uganda

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Health workers in developing countries receive limited opportunities  for refresher trainings to update their skills. Given the rapid growth  in mobile phone ownership, even in remote areas, mobile technology provides a potentially complementary channel for education, support,  and encouragement.


A qualitative evaluation of a pilot in Uganda,  detailed in the full report, revealed that family planning providers who  received daily text messages reported:

• Being motivated by reminders to adhere to hand washing rules


• Referring to training manuals when receiving a quiz question about treatment protocols


• Re-learning steps in instrument sterilization they had forgotten


• Using tips about pain management to more closely attend to clients


These positive user experiences have important implications for health programmers. Text messages provide a novel and cost-efficient way to: raise awareness, promote behavior change, address common myths, identify performance gaps, incentivize new practices, refresh skills, and increase cohesion among co-workers and peers. This brief describes the pilot’s objectives, methodology, findings and lessons learned, to inform future applications.

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