Personalized Medicine Gets a Boost from Big Mobile

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I’ve watched with interest for the last 18 months or so as the big mobile phone companies – mainly Verizon and AT&T at this point – have slowly but surely creeped into the healthcare space. I’ve noticed the pace of announcements from these two companies has picked up a bit since HIMSS, where I had a nice chat with Dr. Geeta Nayyar, Chief Medical Information Officer at AT&T ForHealth, about the company’s new focus on using mobile technologies to improve clinical care.


How many healthcare facilities do you anticipate becoming part of this network?

“The announcement is the first step toward a networking solution to inter-connect major cancer centers, universities, medical schools, research hospitals, laboratories and other institutions across the United States to help transform the healthcare industry’s ability to diagnose, prevent, treat and/or manage illness and medical conditions of all kinds. The ultimate goal of the broader solution is to connect virtually all of the nation’s key academic, healthcare and research institutions to accelerate the translation of new science into therapy and better healthcare.”

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