EHR vendors, are you listening?

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With the adoption rate of EHR systems running at about 55% according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, more and more hospitals and practices nationwide are leaving paper behind. But considering Meaningful Use incentives, and the purported practicality of electronic health records, it’s surprising that their use is not almost universal.


Many providers are extremely frustrated with their EHR systems. They are finding that electronic records are more time-consuming than paper. Some dissatisfaction is to be expected with any major change in systems, but most of their complaints are legitimate.


If time is money, we’re in trouble

Most EHR systems force providers to enter data using “way too many clicks,” says Carolyn Hartley, president and CEO of Physicians’ EHR. An intake specialist in the Partners HealthCare network apologized to this reporter when entering routine data for a lab sample: “With this new system… it’s supposed to save time, and it takes longer! You have to fill in something in every field, at least a period,” even when the field is not applicable.

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