TedMed 2012: “Can a “computer co-pilot” help anyone be a surgeon?”

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Mary (Missy) Cummings, Professor at MIT’s Humans and Automation Laboratory and a former fighter pilot who “loved dropping bombs and loved striking targets – 3000 rounds per minute you can’t beat that” has shared some creative ideas about how healthcare industry roles can be redefined through the automation of rule based behaviours.


“If you can do what I do as well as I can what does that make me?”


At a stretch I can just about imagine some of the stresses of being a fighter pilot but being able to do that job whilst putting up with a work environment where inebriated colleagues shared attitudes like that… WOW.


It’s also another fascinating insight into the frailty of the human ego. I sometimes hear a similar sentiment being shared by Doctors when I’m demoing the patient history taking tool we use as part of the consultation process here at 3G Doctor.


Despite the clinical validation this questionnaire technology has already got (check out this paper by Dr John Bachman MD, Prof of Primary Care at the Mayo Clinic) many Doctors choose to ignore the opportunity it presents to complement their ability to care by immortalising the world’s best history taking skills and removing the time/cost/effort associated with them documenting this information themselves instead many just consider it’s existence as though it is a challenge to their very existence.


“We have somehow stilled the skill set of a pilot – which in the past took many years of training and more than a million dollars – into an iPhone…. …and you would not believe the hate email I got from military and commercial pilots who were very resentful that I was somehow trivializing their task”


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