Personalized Medicine Will Transform Healthcare

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As healthcare providers incorporate deep analytics and advanced clinical decision support into everyday practice, they’ll turn standardized medicine into personalized medicine.


Thought leaders in academic medicine have been pushing hospitals and medical practices to adhere more closely to evidence-based clinical guidelines, which some call standardized medicine. But many docs in the trenches complain that when it comes to patient care, the one-size-fits-all rule just doesn’t work.

And for good reason. When you work day after day with patients, you quickly realize that while the results of large-scale, randomized clinical trials may apply to the population as a whole, they don’t apply to every individual member. That’s what makes personalized medicine is so exciting.


Personalized medicine’s goal is to use a patient’s genetic makeup, lifestyle, age, gender, and environment to provide a tailored treatment regimen. And information technology is playing a pivotal role in making that goal a reality.

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