Maharashtra Medical Council sees red over state’s non-MBBS move

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According to the MMC, only allopathic doctors whose names appear on the state registry can practise modern medicine. The council cited several high court and Supreme Court judgments to buttress its argument. An MMC official confirmed that the resolution was sent across to members.


“There was an impression among doctors that the state’s proposal had our approval so we sent the resolution to dispel the notion,” said a MMC official, on the condition of anonymity. A copy of the resolution was also sent to state agencies and the Food and Drug Administration. “There is large-scale confusion about the sanctity of medical courses now and the resolution was to address the chaos,” said the MMC official. The state health education minister’s proposal to start a one-year course in pharmacology for non-MBBS practitioners sparked off a controversy last week. Several allopathic doctors slammed the move, saying it would degrade the quality of healthcare and “legitimize the business of quacks”.


The MMC official added that the state’s proposal was in clear violation of the MCI Act that only gives recognition to MBBS graduates. Doctor associations are planning to move court to oppose the proposal.


State secretary of Indian Medical Association (IMA) Dr Jayesh Lele said they were approaching medical councils across the country and seeking their opinion. The IMA is also writing to all legislators and parliamentarians apprising them of the consequences of sanctioning such a proposal. However, the state government is determined to launch the course in Maharashtra’s 41 medical colleges from August.

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