Maharashtra govt to act against medical stores not stocking pregnancy termination pills

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The state government has decided to initiate action against medical stores which inconvenience women by not stocking medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) pills.

After the government action against medical stores for not maintaining proper records of purchase and sale of MTP pills, many chemist shops stopped stocking the pills.


The issue was raised by gynaecologists at a meeting of the state supervisory board. The board has been formed to monitor implementation of the Pre-Conception Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPDNT) Act in the state. The meeting chaired by Suresh Shetty, public health minister was held in Sahyadri guest house in Mumbai on Thursday.


“The government has acted against medical stores who failed to maintain proper records (purchase and sale) of MTP pills. No order of government says that medical stores should refrain from keeping the MTP pills. If any one compliants that medical stores are not selling the MTP pills, we will take action against the erring stores,” Shetty, said. “If required, the FDA commissioner will speak to manufactures of the MTP pills and ensure direct supply of these drugs to gynecologist, so that women are not put to inconvenience,” the minister added.

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