Google Is Not A Doctor

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“In today’s wired world, self-diagnosis via internet search is very common. Such symptom-matching exercises may lead consumers to overestimate the likelihood of getting a serious disease because they focus on their symptoms while ignoring the very low likelihood that their symptoms are related to any serious illness.”


A new study published in the Journal of Consumer Research has revealed that people who self-diagnose have a higher tendency of believing they suffer from a serious illness because they concentrate on their symptoms instead of the likelihood of a certain disease. The finding has important implications for both public health professionals and consumers alike.


Consumers have the tendency to view their own health in a worst-case scenario compared to the health of others, which they view in a calm, objective manner. For instance, if another person has indigestion, we tend to accurately view their ailment as that, yet if we suffer the same symptoms, we may panic and think it could be a heart attack.

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