AHRQ Releases Guide on the Use of PHRs in Preventive Health Care

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The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has released a guide on the use of personal health records to bolster preventive care. The agency also issued a request for information on the use of IT to measure care quality.


The guide — developed by Virginia Commonwealth University researchers — is based on three studies that evaluated the use of PHRs in preventive care.

The 28-page guide focuses on interactive preventive health records, or IPHR, a specialty type of PHR that is designed to work as part of a physician practice’s electronic health record system. The guide says that PHRs can improve the use of preventive health services by providing patients with:

Evidence-based recommendations tailored to individual risk factors;

Reminders when preventive services are due;

Guidance for inconsistent recommendations; and


Tools to aid in decision-making.


The guide offers general information about IPHRs, as well as advice for:

Selecting a vendor;

Implementing the technology;

Training staff; and

Maintaining effective use of the technology 



Source:: http://www.ihealthbeat.org/articles/2012/7/20/ahrq-releases-guide-on-the-use-of-phrs-in-preventive-health-care.aspx#ixzz21Buuvx3J



Link to guide: 




See on www.ihealthbeat.org


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