The gadgetization of medicine

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I love my gadgets. I like that my car knows when I’m close. I like talking to my phone and having it answer. I even like the ancient-but-oh-so-convenient remote control, for my TV.


And there is evidence that I’m not alone. Five years ago, the mobile app market was essentially nonexistent. Today there are more than 500,000 apps in the Apple App Store and more than 200,000 apps in the Android Marketplace. I’ve downloaded my share (and, like most people, don’t use the vast majority more than a couple of times). And most recently, the medical app market looks to be growing faster than any other market. According to a recent article by Kaiser Health News, “the market has been something of an unregulated Wild West; for doctors and patients alike, it is difficult to know which apps actually live up to their health claims or provide accurate information,” and reports on the FDA’s efforts at regulation adding that, as important as it is, it’s a Herculean task.

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