5 ways to maximize revenue from an EHR

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ive ways to leverage your EHR and increase topline revenue.


1. Patient subscriptions. According to Ferguson, doctors and their front office, back office, PAs, and billers all have access to the EHR. “In fact, it’s required for them,” he said. “But what about the patients? Aren’t they kind of important in this circle of care? Shouldn’t they be connected to the practice as well? Wouldn’t it make sense for the practice to communicate with them using today’s tools?” Ferguson added that there is a way to both achieve this and generate new revenue for a practice. “Doctors, after all, are to provide a new service with new benefits, so patients won’t mind paying a few cents a day – and voila, new revenue.”


4. Virtual pharma lunch. Typically, a pharma company spends big bucks to send a representative door-to-door, while the doctor rarely has time to spend listening to the rep. “Why not migrate these inefficient, in-person visits to efficient virtual visits?” asked Ferguson. “Reps could simply schedule 10 minutes with the doctor and take care of business through a video visit. Why not have the big pharma companies pay for access to a secure system that integrates seamlessly into the practice’s calendar?”

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