Who Said EHRs Can’t Talk To Each Other?

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How do we make EHRs talk to each other? That’s simple: we look at how people talk to each other, and apply the same principles to EHRs. Thus, EHRs have to share the same language, use the same syntax, know when to speak and when to listen, and when not in physical proximity, use a variety of paraphernalia to carry voice over large stretches of land and sea. And since EHRs are really computers and this is after all the 21st century, we have the blueprint for a solution in our hands, because any computer in Papua New Guinea can talk to any computer in Boonville, Missouri. How? By using the magic of the Internet.

The Internet is a collection of electricity, plastic, metal, wires and thin air that can carry incredible amounts of yes/no (+/-, 0/1) payloads from any one point to another. The magic of the Internet is the set of agreements between all users of this global town hall on how to transport and process the yes/no (standards) and how to combine all yes/no blips into meaningful content (software). It is really magical because I can’t think of any other subject on which humanity agreed to agree. When you think about it this way, how awful it must seem that EHRs cannot agree to agree with all humanity, join the town hall conversation and talk to each other on our Internet, particularly since all EHRs, without exception, are using the Internet to talk to all sorts of other entities, but for some peculiar reason, they refuse to directly address each other. How rude.

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