En Route to HIE: Collaboration and Concerns

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Even though the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was passed almost two decades ago, many people I talk to shiver at the notion of personal health information exchange over the Internet.


But the subject is not going away: more than 150 health information exchanges are now operating or being set up across the nation to track epidemics. The HIEs receive personal health information (PHI) data from clinical laboratories, hospital admissions offices and emergency rooms, and relay it to relevant public health agencies. They will soon gain on-ramps to the national health information network (NHIN) for nationwide scrutiny of big healthcare data.


This civic collaboration is at the core of numerous strategies to improve public health, ranging from inner-city farmer’s markets to innovative mobile health apps for at-risk populations. Coordinated care, enabled and eased by HIEs, will also hopefully improve patient adherence, helping providers achieve higher quality outcomes while reducing administrative costs.


source: https://www.thehitcommunity.org/2012/07/en-route-to-hie-collaboration-and-concerns/

See on www.thehitcommunity.org


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