Your Next Stethoscope Should Be Electronic. Here’s Why.

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Last month, I reluctantly entered the market for a new stethoscope. (My old one broke. Don’t ask.)


For doctors, choosing a stethoscope is not a decision made lightly: it requires laying out a significant amount of cash for a device you might carry in your pocket for years. So, after researching stethoscopes online for a few days, I surprised myself by buying an electronic model — the 3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Model 3000 — and I couldn’t be happier.


“Why an electronic stethoscope?” is a reasonable question, but a better one might be: “What prevented you from buying one before?” Here are the most common objections:


Electronic stethoscopes are expensive.

Unless you have a hearing problem, you should be able to hear just fine without one.

Physicians have gone without electronic stethoscopes for almost two hundred years — why switch now?



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