Is Microsoft’s New Metro for Windows 8 the Right Choice for Electronic Health Records?

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The catchphrase for Microsoft’s new design language for Windows 8 and mobile devices, Metro, is ‘content over chrome.’ In other words, the application’s focus on user’s needs and goals is more important than UI features like flashy buttons and complex menus.


Metro helps teams develop focused, specific, and truly differentiated apps centered on a single ‘Best At’ statement that defines the area in which the app will dominate its category. What is the one thing your application is best at, and then creating a small Metro that is the best at helping the user accomplish that thing?


The challenge is that large healthcare software systems including Electronic Health Records (EHRs) do a lot of things. EHR software helps doctors to do charting, manage patient encounters, e-prescription, process dictation, maintain their task lists, reminders and messaging, and store all patient demographics, records and information securely. Many EHRs include practice management features that allow administrators to run the practice, including scheduling, insurance claims, staffing, etc.

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