Electronic medical records can transform healthcare

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Information technology is not an end in itself. An intelligent hospital must in the future deliver a personal, customised service to its patients, and provide the highest quality care both in the hospital and at home. To support accurate diagnosis and treatment, an electronic medical record (EMR) is essential, according to Dr Byung-Chul Chang, professor of surgery at Severance Hospital in South Korea. Dr Chang identified an urgent need to reduce adverse medication events and errors in hospitals.


In a transformational journey towards being an intelligent hospital, Severance Hospital looks towards a global future where every patient is connected to their mobile personal device, whether smartphone, tablet, ultrabook, or whatever device that future technology may bring, Dr Chang said.


In such a future Severance Hospital has a startling vision to achieve zero medical errors and adverse events. The transformation to quality care depends upon the correct identification of the right patient at the right place; the prescribed medication for the right patient in the right doses; a timely consultation with the right clinician; and patient care with smart monitoring and surveillance.

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