Finding an EHR fit for specialty practices

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When discussing an EHR-laden future for healthcare providers, specialty practices are sometimes overlooked. However, for EHR usefulness to be maximized, specialty practices are eventually going to need to be part of the equation.


Much has been written about the EHR needs, challenges and best practices for physicians and healthcare providers, but what is a specialty such as Oak and Main looking for? Ackerman said that step one was finding a product geared toward a surgery center. That is, software that will aid system monitoring, maintenance, managing all the patches, upgrades and backups.

“We looked at four different vendors and ended up with the SourceMedical product because of their dominance in the market and [it had] the range of services that we were looking for,” Ackerman said. “The upgrades definitely [are no longer] an issue because now we can get them right away. And it’s more interface-able than other products out there that may be outdated.”

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