Are Online Medical Resources Making or Breaking the Next Generation of Physicians?

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Since the earliest days of medical school, I learned fast to bring my computer wherever I went. Not only did my laptop function as my personal entertainment center through the dullest parts of lectures, but it also proved to be a source of instantaneous and infinite medical knowledge via the click of a mouse. Four years later and here I am, one hand on the shoulder of patients whilst listening to their afflictions with the other hand already reaching for my iPhone, ready to pull up necessary gaps of my medical knowledge.


Is this a proper way to train as a physician? Surely I’m not the only doctor to sneak out of the patient room like a cheating lover to softly glance at a guideline on UpToDate® or straight up ogle a dosing regimen on Epocrates®. Yet, this is how many of us Gen Y physicians survived medical school and how many of us will continue to claw our way through residency and beyond.


It’s a fact: Your doctors today do not know everything about your health. But we sure as hell have perfected the art of finding out exactly what we need to provide the right kind of care for you. So the question remains: Are the new physicians of the world the adventurers of medical knowledge, paving paths through the vast and ever-widening available online literature? Or are we the lazy college grads living in our mothers’ basements, completely functional yet totally okay with someone else doing all the housework?

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