12 must-haves for live tweeting a surgery

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Here are a few tips I’ve learned from the nine hours of tweeting, photographing, filming, editing and posting.


A laptop with power cord and a wireless Internet connection.

Hootsuite: You can set up multiple streams to track mentions and sent tweets. It also allows you to shorten links to save characters.

Twitter: Have Twitter open, too. It may seem redundant with Hootsuite, but redundancy isn’t a bad thing.

Facebook: You can share pieces of your Twitter feed with your Facebook community and seek to get them involved in the conversation, too.

Google: You’ll need Google to learn about all the medical terms you hear as you try to figure out how to explain things in 140 characters or less.

Storify: It’s easier to have this open and capture your story as it progresses throughout the day.

A smart phone with the right tools: Twitter app and built-in camera are essential.

A digital camera: It will allow you to take higher resolution photos for use in event and post-event outreach.

Two SD cards: While you’re downloading photos or video from one card to use in sharing the event, your camera can still be ready at a moment’s notice.


You’d hate to miss anything because you didn’t have a card in your camera.

iMovie, or some other video editing software on your laptop: This will allow you to edit video footage and add titles or the hashtag to the final video before posting. You can also adjust audio levels as needed.

Consent forms: Make sure you have signed consent forms from any of the patients.

Creative mind: You’ve got to figure out how to tell the story in short, succinct bites the public can understand.

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One thought on “12 must-haves for live tweeting a surgery

  1. Wow! What an amazing use of social media! We love hearing stories about unique ways people use our humble dashboard, and are flattered that you recommended HootSuite. Live-tweeting a surgery is definitely up in the realm of most unorthodox yet awesome uses.

    HOOT ON!

    -HootSuite Community

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