Physician, Google Thyself: Know What’s Being Said About You Online : AAFP Leader Voices

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How often do you run a Google search for your own name? Do you actually know what the public — and potential patients or employers — are reading about you?


For doctors, it’s no longer a question of if you have a presence online. Physician rating websites, where anyone can offer a review of your services, have been around for years.


Now product review giant Consumer Reports is partnering with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Aligning Forces for Quality Initiative to offer online information about quality and satisfaction with primary care doctors.


The project already has published ratings for roughly 500 primary care physicians in Massachusetts and plans to expand to Minnesota and Wisconsin.


With increasing demands for transparency and quality reporting from payers, expect initiatives like this to become more common.


Fortunately, as physicians we are not at the mercy of every disgruntled patient’s whim. There are ways we can protect our personal reputations and promote our businesses even in the Internet’s untamed wilderness.

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