Health IT Can Change Delivery Models From The Outside In

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This is a great time for the health IT world to assert its place in the system and change the way care is delivered. Of course, I don’t have anything like the space to cover this topic in full but a few ideas that I think have high potential include:


* Hospital At Home: This Johns Hopkins model delivers care at home to patients who could use hospital-level care but aren’t likely to deteriorate. It can lower costs by almost one-third and reduce complications, researchers say. Let’s step up and bring sophisticated mhealth apps and remote monitoring to power this further.


*Medical Body Area Networks: With the approval of specifically-dedicated spectrum for MBANs, the FCC has kicked off what should be a revolution in health monitoring, both for consumers interested in self-care and for clinicians. Where can we take it this year? For example, will consumers wear their network, connected to a receiver in their car, and transmit their own data as they come into an ED for care? The mind boggles.


* Prescribe An App: This is an area which is juuust getting a foothold in American medicine — though as the linked article notes, the Department of Health in England has created a list of 500 apps for primary care docs to prescribe to patients. The practice can only grow here as evidence helps us sift out the best apps.

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