Torrid Rate of Growth for Digital Health Funding

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After investments in digital health doubled from 2009 to 2011, the torrid pace of growth has continued in the first half of 2012. Rock Health’s founder Halle Tecco stated why they released a report at this time. “The impetus of this report was the notable growth in venture funding of digital health–so much so that we are seeing 73% more investments than the same time last year. As we strive to foster innovation and entrepreneurship within the space, we want to best characterize the landscape to paint a clear picture of where our field is going.”


The major buckets of investment include big data, home health, physician tool and sensors. The Bay Area continues to dominate funding with over $180 million in deals. Though mainstream media has been enamored with the story of what the Supreme Court will do with Obamacare, investors are voting with their wallets that the decisions made by 9 black-robed individuals is largely irrelevant to the disruptive innovators rapidly reshaping the industry landscape.

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