Healthcare Patients Insist On E-Access

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Doctors, heed the call: The vast majority of patients want to access and manage their health information online. That’s the conclusion of a recently released Accenture study in which 90% of the 1,100 patients polled reported that they want online self-service options to help them perform a variety of tasks including accessing their health information, scheduling appointments, and refilling prescriptions.


The study, entitled Is Healthcare Self-Service Online Enough To Satisfy Patients?, shows that while patients want more online options, they also want to maintain personal interactions with their clinician. In fact, 85% of respondents said they want the option of communicating with their doctor in person. The study also revealed that those who primarily live in rural areas are less likely to want their records available online.


“Online self-service has many potential benefits: it helps reduce costs, drive efficiency, and empower patients to take an active role in their healthcare,” the report states. “Healthcare providers should bear in mind that while in-person will never be out of style, they can better educate patients and ultimately drive greater adoption of self-service channels.”


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