Multiple Patient Portal Logins

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When you look at the market for patient portals, you quickly realize that at least in the current environment we’re not going to get close to having one patient portal for all the doctors. Think about an elderly patient that goes to 5 different doctors.


This would likely mean that this one patient will have 5 different patient portal logins. That’s a lot of logins just to manage your healthcare. Not to mention, you have to learn 5 different portals. Some you can schedule an appointment online. Some you can pay online. Others you can get refills. Others you can’t. Yep, it’s going to get really confusing really fast.


I’m sure many reading this are thinking, we’re already juggling multiple logins in our life so why does it matter if we have a few more. While annoying, I actually agree with this statement for the younger generation. I probably have a few hundred logins that I use regularly (I’m probably at the high end) and I’m able to manage without too much trouble. In fact, lately I’ve learned how to reset my password quickly on those that I’ve forgotten and/or don’t use regularly. It’s rarely been an issue for me.

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