Importance of online promotion to doctors rises

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Physicians have become steady online and smartphone users. According to a survey by Manhattan Research, in 2010 physicians spent twice as much time online for professional purposes than in 2008.


They tap into the Internet to research conditions, procedures, medications and industry news.

As a result, online promotion to health care professionals grows in importance, specifically as it relates to helping doctors care for their patients, teach trainees and perform their jobs more efficiently.


As the market adapts to the influence of the Web, health care marketers seek new ways to build trust and relationships with clinicians without traditional face-to-face meetings.


We connect with doctors via social media, instant messaging and even Skype.


We work hard to integrate our offerings into the digital tools and venues that clinicians already trust and use but to utilize these tools for business purposes. As health care marketers, we try to tap into new media without being perceived as unwelcome guests. It is a daily struggle but one I am willing to continue.


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