How to build a business case for social media for your practice

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Social media like Twitter and Facebook can be used to create a vibrant sense of community between a physican and patients and that sense of community can be translated into a way of increasing demand for a practice or healthcare organization. This is also an outstanding use of social media for marketing.

But – that’s not what I want to talk about.

I want you to consider how private social networking for healthcare can help you improve the data you get from your patients, how it can save you time and how it can improve patient trust by using social networking for secure connectivity.

Let’s discuss private social networking and the benefits for you and for your patients:

Private social networking for healthcare has 4 business requirements:

A private and secure user friendly messaging system which enables the exchange of private messages between doctor and patient without the privacy exposure and time consuming distraction of email and Facebook.

Make it easy to distribute guidance directly and discreetly to the patient and care givers. Guidance may include information such as medications, treatments, tests, follow ups etc.

Make it easy for your patient and caregivers to update you with relevant data on a timeline such as: blood pressure, pulse, dizziness, general feeling, appetite, clarity of speech, movement stability as well as classified events such as falling, nausea, blood pressure drops/peaks, medication taken (what, how much, when, who gave) and treatments performed (what, when, who gave).

Make it easy to identify the differences between what you instructed and what the patient /caregivers actually did. Think of it like balancing your checkbook.

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