From the Floor at AHIP: It Can’t be Done Without 21st-Century Technology!

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It would be hard to find someone to argue against the idea that healthcare has enormous room for improvement. While other industries became process-focused, automated, analytical, mobile, social and event-enabled, healthcare focused its technology efforts on the latest diagnostic equipment, and on systems that facilitate billing and claim processing, but not on the technology that would make healthcare cheaper or better.

An insurance company that wants to compete in the coming changes, including accountable care, bundled payments, and selling directly to consumers and through Health Insurance Exchanges must come to the table with the technology that enables competition. It will be a wide-open landscape for the payers who make the investment in process, analytics, pricing, cloud, social and mobile.


Process agility

The changes that are coming, regardless of the outcome of the Supreme Court decision, will require development of new processes throughout organizations. Just as the rest of the world moved to business process management systems, payers will need to develop business process governance and deployment capabilities. Death from 1,000 Visios is an avoidable fate with products that manage both manual and automated process. Add business events capabilities to the mix, and organizations have the ability to identify and quantify the impact of events on operational processes, providing easy opportunities for agility.

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