Social Media Promoting Health

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Promotion of personal fitness, nutrition and general well-beingthrough social media is an emerging approach to prevent and manage chronic diseases. These new social media sites engage and educate patients in personal health care, connect patients with their peers, implement evidence-based interventions, and change behavior over time. For some, their goal is to give simple daily challenges or “micro-actions” that add up to significant health improvements over time, all the while earning points and developinrelationships with others on a similar pursuit. In some cases, points can be exchanged for discounts and rewards


Many of these technologies leverage existing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and can be accessed on different internet-connected devices such as personal computers, smartphones or mobile phones. There are many social media sites that promote health in some way. A snapshot of sites on the market today includes MeYou Health, DailyFeats, BodiMojo and Zamzee.

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