The future of doctor-patient relationships is not in EMR

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When combined with private social networking for healthcare, mobile apps for doctor-patients relationship management, become a tremendous force multiplier for care teams in low-income developing countries that have high levels of mobile penetration.


Mobile continues to boom in China, with the country now outstripping the U.S. as the world’s biggest smartphone market. Chinese development of cheap Android- based smartphones and tablets for the Chinese market will inevitably result in benefits for low-income countries with 7” Android 4.0 tablets now available for less than $60 and a new Baidu Android-based smartphone that retails for less than $160. As part of mobile provider service package, the Baidu phone will be affordable anywhere.
Mobile apps enable small numbers of doctors to provide quality healthcare to large numbers of patient where the key success factor is not the latest in nuclear medicine cardiac scanning technology but a cheap, simple and immediately accessible digital communications channel for a doctor to talk to patients and rescue workers to cope with diaster operations and management.

Healthcare delivery is cheap – because we eliminate the cost of coming to the office and we make the most of mobile and private networking technology without having to carry the cross of electronic medical records and government mandated data sharing.

When a nurse, or paramedic or specialist has the time to explain things, patients feel respected when they remember the encounter as a positive experience and are more likely to take the nurse/paramedic/physician advice. Sure – it’s best done face-to-face – but when the only option is a phone call or a private message or sharing guidance in a private group for lymphedema patients and caregivers – digital channels are a winner.

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