EHR best practices: EHR training for independent physicians

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Having an established training protocol will make preparing for EHR implementation less stressful for everyone involved in a small clinic or practice.


Use an experienced training staff –


Don’t skimp out on the quality of training, whether it’s from your EHR vendor a third-party company. Being trained properly on your new EHR system will not only make your go-live date easier, maintaining your system down the road won’t be as much of a hassle.

One-on-one training –


Everyone learns differently, but at the very least having one-on-one training available is a must. For smaller practices that may not have advanced IT backgrounds, being able to work side-by-side with an experienced trainer can be necessary in some cases. Note: You’ll need to schedule this training around normal workflow.

Strong communication between physicians and staff 


Ensuring everyone on your implementation team knows their roles and what needs to be done before go-live is huge. Not being on the same page creates confusion both during implementation and when staff needs to use EHR during their daily tasks.

Use EHR training for everyday workflow –


Speaking of daily tasks, getting your staff to use EHR consistently and use it in the manner they’ll need to for work after go-live is important. Don’t cut corners here by having cookie-cutter training sessions where everyone gets the same information. For example, if a physician needs to pull certain types of information from EHR for patient care, have them repeat the process a few times to the point where they’re comfortable.

Go-live support –


It would make things difficult for a small practice if the training company decided to jump ship just before go-live time. As crucial as preparation and pre-training is, having the ability to contact your training company if you have a go-live question or issue is great piece of mind.

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