Why email is out and social software is in

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As a matter of fact, email is a really bad tool for collaboration. There is no overview of the conversation, let alone a clinical-issue-based overview that a physician can use as part of his treatment plan.


Why is social software a better fit for healthcare providers and physicians?

There are 4 important areas where social software (groups, tagging, commenting, private messaging, file sharing, picture sharing and friend networking) are of relevance for healthcare:


CME – continued medical education

Collaboration with colleagues

Connection and monitoring of vital signs and events with patients.

Social media may be a good fit for marketing your private practice or hospital but don’t bet on it.

Most doctors, hospitals and healthcare organizations associate social media with marketing and as a way of standing out from the competition (which is a bit difficult isn’t it, since everyone is on Facebook and Twitter these days and with high decibel levels of social media noise, your practice or hospital is not going to be heard very well.

Social media is a great channel continuing medical education. I’ll talk about CME with social media in a separate post.

For collaboration with colleagues and connecting with patients social software provides a number of distinct advantages of email:

Social software provides context – messages, files, images that are shared with members of a group are all associated with the group and tagged and categorized, which means that a thread on patient status change over time is constantly available in context of the group, and accessible via the tags, categories and free text search.


source: http://pathcareblog.com/why-email-is-out-and-social-software-is-in-for-doctors/

See on pathcareblog.com

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