Hacking for Health: Working with Technology to Improve Healthcare in Malawi

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Bringing medical support to isolated people often means working in difficult environments. A lack of continuous electricity, limited equipment and remote hospitals can mean health projects fall at the first hurdle.


In these environments, people often think that cutting edge and complex technology is required, rather than working with what is already available. But in today’s ‘Digital Diversity’, Isaac Holeman explains how MedicMobile, the NGO he works with, provides health support in the developing world using simple, locally appropriate communication technologies – the ubiquitous first generation mobiles found all over countries like Malawi, where Isaac has been working.


In this way, MedicMobile works not against the constraints in their environment, but with them, finding smart solutions that are calibrated to the developing world. MedicMobile uses apps that provide information and the ability to coordinate, so health workers can manage staff, mobilise communities for vaccination drives, set up satellite clinics and manage and map health services, logistics and supply chains. But they don’t all need complex technology or even smart phones. Isaac explains how, below.

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