A digital healthcare experience doesn’t mean “online appointment booking”

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It’s depressing that in 2012 we have experienced healthcare leaders talking about a digital experience that’s limited to making a booking for an in office consultation with them.


Imagine if we still had airlines or banks thinking the same way? We’d have Ryanair.com letting you book an appointment with a sales rep in your local travel agent and FirstDirect.com would be an online spreadsheet document.


You can ask all the surveys you want but in 2012 there is real evidence of the fact that patients don’t want to book appointments or look at their health information. They want the opportunity to engage with their carers.


If you’re uncertain about this compare the categorical failure of the NHS’s HealthSpace with the immediate success of KP’s mHealth initiative (which holds the record for the fastest ever adoption of a digital health experience).


The only major difference from the patient perspective is that the KP service has focused on mobile first AND provides patients with the opportunity to connect with their carers. Although the user experience got the blame the simple fact is that the NHS’s HealthSpace remained as pointless as Ryanair.com would be if it offered no ability to book/pay for a seat or FirstDirect would be if customers had no ability to move money, pay bills, etc.


To be effective online Doctors and Patients need tools


When asked what they really want to do online the first thing most patients and Doctors say is “I want to email my Doctor/Patients” but in practice what’s needed are more advanced tools and the advantages of email have been proven to be counter intuitive because patients don’t have training about what symptoms are important and not important and the availability of good Doctors is limited.

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