5 reasons why the Surface tablet could be first Microsoft product doctors embrace

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It should not be a surprise that Physcians are not fans of Microsoft products – namely Windows and Internet Explorer.


Much of this hatred is due to hospital enterprise solutions still using outdated versions of Internet Explorer.


Ask a physician friend to fill you in if you need a better idea.


On a personal note, I had been dreading the forthcoming Microsoft tablet because I know Microsoft products make Hospital health IT departments salivate.


We commented last year how many Hospital IT cite physicians using the iPad at work as their biggest headache. I knew as soon as Microsoft launched a tablet Hospitals would gravitate towards the product, no matter if it was good or not — but because of “legendary” Microsoft enterprise solutions.

I was set to start the countdown to purgatory — when I would be forced to use a Microsoft tablet in the Hospital wards.


source: http://www.imedicalapps.com/2012/06/surface-tablet-microsoft-doctors/

See on www.imedicalapps.com


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