Physicians voice EHR displeasure in Athena survey

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According to a recent Athena survey, physicians aren’t particularly pleased with the EHR benefits and results.


The survey further clouds the perception of EHR among physicians. EHR adoption numbers are up, but satisfaction with systems and how much they believe EHR benefits themselves and patients are down from 2011..


Athenahealth compares March 2012 results with those from January 2011, was based on responses from 507 physicians across the U.S. The majority of physicians still view EHR in a positive light (71%), but that number is down from 77% in 2011 and may believe that EHR hasn’t been worth the cost.


Strengthening EHR knowledge among healthcare providers isn’t an issue, as 62% of respondents said they are very familiar with EHR, compared to 57% in 2011. But getting those straddling the EHR fence to transition is more difficult when there are fewer physicians who are somewhat familiar shrunk from 41% last year to 33% in 2012. And, somehow, 2% more of physicians are not at all familiar with EHR than last year (5% to 3%).

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