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There is a lot of opportunity to reduce costs and make medial care more responsive to patients needs while cutting practice costs but can we get there ?


My allergist is completely digitized. When I go there she accesses my medical records via a laptop and when she gives me an Rx she enters the information into my online medical records and it prints out at the front desk. ”It’s a real time saver for me plus since I practice in 3 offices I can access patients medical records from any office”. This is a glimpse of the future of healthcare but there is a lot more we could and should be doing.


Here is a wish list of online healthcare for HCP’s and patients via some research last year (qualitative):


(1) Patients: The ability to make appointments online with reminders of appointments emailed to them the day before. Also the ability to change appointments online


(2) Patients: Fill out necessary forms online rather than at the office.


(3) Patients: Follow up with their doctors online especially for things like renewing prescriptions. They would also like the ability to ask questions about medications via their home computers.


(4) HCP’s: Full integration of patients medical records with insurer billing. This by far was the number one request.


(5) HCP’s/Patients: A system where the doctor could follow up with patients after an office visit and provide both helpful medical information and links to good online health information. However a system like this could be very complex so emphasis should be on usability so that it does not require a lot of time to learn or a high level of expertise to implement.


(6) Patients: When we asked patients “if your doctor had a website or a social media site and posted good medical information on a regular basis, would you use it ?” The resounding answer was “yes”. Patients number one need though “help us cut through all the information about health”.


(7) HCP’s: They understand that there are advantages to moving to a digital medical practice but since costs are rising for them they wonder if they would have to hire people who understand technology or whether their office staff could be trained to implement things like CRM’s programs. As one doctor said “now I have to learn how to become an online marketing person ?”


(8) HCP’s: They want to be able to electronically know that patients have filled an Rx so that they can follow up with their patients. If patients don’t fill an Rx they would like to get notified that one of their patients has not filled an Rx so that they can follow-up and ask “why?”.


(9) HCP’s: They want to use iPad’s for their practice and want more from software developers. They do not want the expense of laptops or desktops. When we asked if they would be willing to use a smartphone most said that although the idea is nice small screens have limitations.


(10) HCP’s: Drug companies need to do a better job to give ME the information I want online rather than via a rep call. The moderator asked the question which would you prefer to access new drug information online or via a sales rep and the majority said “online because it’s available on my schedule.

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