Keyboard alternatives spur EHR adoption

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Most electronic health records require providers to concentrate on typing text into specific fields – and many physicians and nurses feel that it mars the patient experience. That’s why a number of companies are helping increase EHR adoption by providing easy-to-use alternatives to keyboard data entry.


“Clinical documentation doesn’t lend itself to keyboard entry,” said Steven Hau, president of Shareable Ink in Nashville, Tenn. “You need all these drop-down menus that are unwieldy – and doctors aren’t court stenographers.”


Shareable Ink offers technology that lets doctors use a digital pen with a built-in laser camera to scan and capture notes, which then get turned into text that flows directly into designated fields in an EHR.

The Shareable Ink solution – also available as a new iPad app – can also replace check-in kiosks.

“At the front desk, our patients get a clipboard with a preprinted form and an ordinary looking pen that happens to have a camera,” said Sheila Tonn-Knopf, director of the Center for Orthopedics in Sheffield Village, Ohio. “Most check-in kiosks capture only contact and insurance information, not meaningful use data on things like smoking cessation. But with Shareable Ink, that patient-generated information gets captured and flows directly to our EHR.


Without this automation, we would have needed to add three full-time employees in our front office,” she said.

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