EMR design affects usability

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Design of an EMR system is of vital importance when it comes to real-time use. When attesting its usefulness, there are a few objectives that developers of this technology should focus on:


EMR systems should complete a task in simple and easy steps with fewer mouse clicks.

Workflow on a computer dashboard should match the workflow of the practice.

Navigation on multiple screens should be smooth with horizontal and vertical scrollbars.

Outlook of the themes and icons on the screen should remain consistent.

An intuitive design reduces cognitive overload. Working panels should be visually succinct which reduces time to ponder on.

Vocabulary used should not be taken from programmers’ lingua franca; the EMR system should speak physicians’ jargon.

The EMR system should be capable of portraying health data in a variety of formats. It should offer a summary view, display graphical illustrations, and provide a chart view of the patients’ health information over a period of time.

An error during a task should not cause the user to get stuck. An EMR system should explain to the user the cause of that error alert along with choices to move ahead.

An EMR system should have a customizable dashboard with most frequently used tools available on it.

A task should complete without opening multiple screens. It can only happen if the EMR system displays all the required information without multiple pop-ups. Similarly, a most talked about phenomenon is alert fatigue. Physicians would like to have an EMR system that can get rid them of unnecessary alerts.

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