Should you consider an EHR in the cloud?

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Practices that find startup investment in a data center daunting, or do not have adequate IT support, will find clarity in the cloud.


Cloud computing represents a paradigm shift in IT management. The cloud makes it possible for you to grow and expand rapidly and generate efficiencies and cost savings by paying as you go for the services you use.


Cloud-based EHR services are typically offered as complete software packages provided over the Internet, eliminating the need to install and run an application on your own computers and simplifying maintenance and support.


Sometimes this is referred to as “software as a service,” or SaaS.


For many practices the cloud-based solution is a good choice for several reasons:


Generally, there are no retained earnings in a medical practice, so any new investments must be financed externally or the physicians take a hit against their current earnings. Low up-front costs are more palatable and less complicated.


IT expertise and resources may be nonexistent or retained on a project-by-project basis. The cloud model does not require sophisticated technology infrastructure that must be built and maintained by expert, costly IT staff.


A cloud-based EHR does not require a special facility or environmental considerations because on-site servers are unnecessary. Backup and disaster recovery services are central and inclusive in the cloud model.


But fear of losing control over critical data is often a stumbling block in cloud adoption. Actually, though, cloud computing can give you more control over your data than you get with a client-server EHR.

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