ONC launches clinical decision support wiki

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The Office of the National Coordinator of Health IT (ONC) has launched a new S&I Framework Initiative called Health eDecisions. A descendant of multiple prior efforts to standardize clinical decision support (CDS), this new wiki will enable public- and private-sector experts to tackle the problem together.


According to ONC’s announcement, much progress has been made on models for organizing and sharing CDS. However, ONC said, “there is still a gap between the work to date and the practical goal of producing updatable, findable, distributable, maintainable CDS interventions that can be widely used and shared (or sold) by Electronic Health Records vendors, knowledge vendors, providers and quality program leaders.


When a standard format for sharable CDS is agreed upon, it will be much easier for EHR vendors and others to be comfortable building it into their systems and, in turn, it will be more likely that providers will actually use the sharable CDS structure, according to the announcement.


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