mHealth is not a subset of eHealth (even if Wikipedia, the WHO and GSMA claim it is)

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mHealth is no more a subset of eHealth as TV is a subset of the Cinema or Radio


To my mind this report from the GSMA is similar to a forecast being made by the TV Broadcasters Association in the early days of TV stating that TV is a subset of Cinema because a big movie studio claims that it is, before going on to outline how much opportunity there is in broadcasting cinema films on the TV.


Obviously there was an opportunity in such content (just as you can force fit eHealth onto tiny mobile screens you can watch cinema movies made for the big screen on TVs) but as we saw with the development of TV holding onto this perspective would have ignored the bigger, more immediate and much more compelling and profitable opportunities that become apparent when you look to how the new attributes of this new mass media can be leveraged.


With the “tv is a subset of the cinema” mindset you obviously would have been blindsided by the emergence of those services that have made TV so successful eg. CNN’s 24hr rolling news, soap operas, talent shows, serialized adverts, etc.


With the “mHealth is a subset of eHealth” mindset I think it’s quite obvious you’re about to be blindsided by the emergence of the services that will make mHealth so successful eg. providers becoming more patient need focused, new possibilities to connect things that should be connected (my weigh scale, smoke alarm, care monitor, biodata), anytime anywhere access to health info and advice, caller ID based patient identification, etc

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