Telehealth in Canada – A Real eHealth Success Story

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It is no surprise to anyone in the health care system that we are struggling to meet the seemingly never-ending demand. The costs of health care continue to skyrocket and, increasingly, there are just not enough care providers – didn’t anyone read Boom Bust Echo?


So, decision makers are looking for proven strategies to reduce costs, improve access, quality and productivity. Technology has been identified in all the health system studies as an important tool to help reform the system. But, based on experience, many decision makers are often weary of technology investments; they want to see demonstrated ROI and tangible benefits.


As anyone involved in technology implementations knows, historically you couldn’t have “Good, Fast and Cheap” – if you were diligent you might get two out of the three. The majorities of technology projects were late, over budget or more generally failed to meet expectations. There are always exceptions. Recent studies by the CTF: Canadian Telehealth Forum and Gartner, Inc./Praxia Information Intelligence, as commissioned by Canada Health Infoway, have clearly shown that telehealth is proving to be a welcome exception to the old technology maxims.

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