5 Reasons Hashtags Matter in Healthcare

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In the healthcare space, we are constantly being inundated with new technologies. Some we care to learn, while others we care to forget. Social technologies are no exception. Remember Google Buzz? Me neither. But if I asked you if you have heard of Facebook or Twitter, you would probably send me in for a CT to get my head checked.


Both Facebook and Twitter are now not only household names, but are quickly becoming staples in our everyday interactions with those we see on a regular basis, not to mention those we can only manage to maintain virtual relationships with until busy schedules allow. Facebook is a no-brainer. Your friends are there. It’s relatively easy to use. Oh, and let’s not neglect the fact that it’s mobile. The adoption trifecta.


That leaves Twitter. Twitter, at face value, seems more like one those technologies you might rather forget than remember. How could anyone blame you? You are limited to 140 characters or less (including links). Often, it’s way too fast to keep up with if you don’t have a solid grasp on the platform. Finally, what is up with all of this new language with hashtags (#) and handles (@)?


Who has time to learn a new language at this point in their career?


Make no mistake about it, Twitter is a new language.


It’s also a new way of accessing information that can keep healthcare stakeholders relevant. How? That silly little # symbol that you have to hit “Shift + 3” on your keyboard to put in front of words like healthcare, meaningfuluse, healthIT, etc.

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