Kerala-based IT co launches software for doctors

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Kerela-based Coresys Infotech launched eClinician, the mobile version of its clinical decision support system ( CDSS) for Android, which will help medical professionals diagnose disease easily.


eClinician allows doctors to diagnose an illness easily and efficiently by choosing the symptoms of a patient from a drop-down listing. It processes the data and generates an output mentioning all the possible diagnosis for the given group of symptoms, the company officials said.


The disease information is delivered under nine standard headings for ease of access: basics, clinical presentations, clinical examination, etiology, differential diagnosis, lab investigations, treatment, medication and prognosis.


The database has covered more than 4500+ diseases in the differential diagnosis (the distinguishing of a disease or condition from others presenting with similar signs and symptoms).


Managing director of Coresys E.S. Jose said this software was now available on the Android App Store and anyone around the world could download it for their mobile phone or table PC at a very low launch price of 99 cents.


“With the new application, now doctors and medical students can use the system in their palms. We also plan to launch the iPhone, Nokia, and Blackberry compatible versions soon,” said Jose.


This system will help the patients as well, because it will save precious time and money to reach conclusive diagnosis.

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