What do you think is the future of mHealth?

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This article is about the future of mobile health, speculating what the pharma and healthcare industries will be like regarding the new technology in 2112.


Much as social media has exponentially engulfed and transformed communications over the past few years, mobile technology has even more recently and rapidly exploded across every measurable indicator, ultimately whiplashing back through social media in a manner powerful enough to influence Wall Street’s largest IPO and perhaps engender the oddest mobile/social mashup of them all, a “Facebook Smartphone”.

Since communications, data, and analytics are the cornerstone of medicine, the impact of the mobile industry on healthcare has been even more astonishing. As Leigh Householder recently described, mobile transcends our conventional notions of device, channel, or tool, and instead reflects a confluence of all these concepts into what can only be expressed as a seismic force driving the next evolution in all of our health behaviors.

Physicians recognize and embrace this trend, doubling their use of tablets since 2011. Given such a whirlwind of paradigm shifts and transformation, the world seems like science fiction come to life. So what better way to cap off mobile health month here at pharmaphorum than by enthusiastically and perhaps recklessly speculating on what the future holds for this ‘complex intersection of technology, expectation, and interaction”?

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