Young physicians will become the champions of technology

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While medicine changes slowly with the adoption of new technology, younger physicians are taking more initiative in affecting positive changes in the arena.


They are indeed the connected generation and use technology by choice in all facets of life. It is part of their fabric. Those entering the field of medicine would logically desire and expect to carry that over to their professional lives. However, there are multiple barriers to the continuity of this facet of their personal lives to their professional ones as they embark on what is perceived as an otherwise high-tech journey into the healthcare world.


What are found are EHRs which are often not intuitive, high pressurized short patient visits involving complex medical issues and a system in which connectivity is an adversarial roadblock among commercial technology companies rather than an opportunity for better patient care. Young physicians are met with teachers and mentors experiencing burnout (it is estimated that 75% of all physicians today experience burnout) and bitterness fueled by regulatory pressures and the resulting decreased face time with patients.

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